Award-Winning Author

Robbi Sommers Bryant’s award-winning books include a novella, 7 novels, 5 short-story collections, and 1 book of poetry.

Just Released!

The Darkness by Robbi Bryant

The Darkness is a harrowing journey into the depths of evil and the battle to overcome it. Take a look inside the book.

Experienced Editor

Editing matters: The difference between words on a page and a story that grabs the reader’s attention and won’t let go.

Why editing matters:
Some people believe that editing is all about grammar and punctuation. While these are components of editing, the important focus is on characterization, plot, theme, conflict, development of the story, copy editing, sentence structure and so much more.

Watercolor Artist

Watercolor by Robbi Sommers Bryant.

Matted, limited-edition paintings and prints are available.

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