Editing Packages

Here is how my editing process works. 


1) 1st installment is due at the receipt of your manuscript. You send the manuscript, I pass through it the first time with a major first edit (sentence structure, grammar, rhythm, syntax, spelling, etc.) accomplishing a first edit draft.

2) I send Edit 1 back to you with suggestions, edits, etc. You chose whether you agree or disagree with each edit (editing is done with MS Word.). You also look at my comments and suggestions–and apply if you agree.

3) Then you send Edit 1 back to me with 2nd installment. I do Edit 2, which is like Edit 1 but a stronger emphasis on content. I send Edit 2 back to you.

4) You review Edit 2 and make necessary additions, edits, etc. You then send Edit 2 back to me.

5) You send 3rd installment. I do a third edit. Overall manuscript emphasis. I send Edit 3 back to you. And there you have it.
Although I do proofreading, once the manuscript is complete. I always recommend that you have your manuscript proofed—either by you or someone else.

BRONZE PACKAGE                                          SILVER PACKAGE                          GOLD PACKAGE

Edit the manuscript                                                 Edit the manuscript.                              Edit the manuscript

1 Pass 1 through.                                                       2 Passes throughs.                                  3 Passes throughs.     

1 Payment.                                                                  2 Payments.                                             3 Payments

1/3 of the fee.                                                            2/3 Fee                                                       Full Fee.

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