11 Things You Need to Know When Writing a Memoir

By Lisa Lepki

1. Make a time line of your life

Sit down with a piece of paper and draw out a diagram of your life.  It will help you pick out the pivotal moments.  If you were writing an autobiography, you would need to write about the entirety of your life, but a memoir is different.  A memoir is about capturing a moment that mattered. When did you meet the person who most influenced your life?  Why was a certain year such a difficult one?  How did you overcome the problems you faced?  How did it change you?  When you make a timeline of your life, certain moments will emerge as being transformative.  That is where you should begin.

2. Think about who you are writing for

There are hundreds of reasons why you might like to write a memoir.  Maybe you learned some things along the way that might help others.  Maybe you want to document an ethnic or cultural background for your children.  Maybe you want to try and make sense of the decisions that you made along the way.  Think about who you want to read the memoir, what you want them to know and why you think it should matter to them. See More . . . 




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