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Edward Olson presents himself as the all-American guy. His stunning looks, captivating blue eyes, and charisma make it easy to meet women. But Edward has a dark secret—behind his charming smile, a vicious serial killer lies in wait.

Edward is driven to kill by an entity he calls The Darkness. Believing this creature is the evil that possesses him, Edward struggles to rid himself of the creature he thinks has stolen his soul.

Nurse Cate Derry, Edward’s naïve girlfriend, is the newest member of the hospital’s critical care unit with secrets of her own. Her rocky relationship with Edward and her connection to a detective on the case plunge all three into a downward spiral to a world where no one is safe.

The Darkness is a harrowing journey into the depths of evil and the battle to overcome it.


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Praise for The Darkness . . .

“The Darkness is a powerful and edgy story about a serial killer’s search for his soul. A dynamite premise! With its stunning plot and razor-sharp writing, The Darkness will keep you reading late into the night. Just remember to lock your doors.” — Peter Russell, Hollywood story doctor, screenplay writer, and mentor

“A compelling journey by a master storyteller into the darkness of a mind possessed.” — Dr. James Zender, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Author

“Bryant has scribbled a ‘black belt’ thriller, showcasing her immense talent, ambition with technique, and wonderfully wild imagination. But more importantly, it’s readable as hell.” — Joshua Mohr, One of O Magazine’s Top 10 reads of 2009 and a San Francisco Chronicle best-seller

“Transport yourself into the mind and life of a serial killer in this unique and harrowing novel. Bryant’s fascinating spin may start a whole new genre of the psychological thriller.” — Peter Vronsky. Author of Sons of Cain: A History of Serial Killers

Pre-Publication Awards . . .

• Page-Turner Awards: eBook Finalist
• Reader’s Favorites 5-star book award
• San Francisco Book Festival Award: Honorable Mention
• New York Book Festival Award: First Place SciFi/Horror
• Paris Book Festival Award: Honorable Mention

Post-Publication Awards . . .

  • Los Angeles Book Festival Award: Honorable Mention
  • Hollywood Book Festival Award: Honorable Mention


Veronica Armatti, a 28-year-old hairdresser and infatuation addict, has struck the perfect balance between her daily existence and her overpowering desires. Joe, Veronica’s husband, is a race car driver known to go off course himself. So, all is not completely out of bounds when Veronica gets her latest “fix” through an affair with Andrew, an artist she meets at the grocery store. However, when Andrew inducts Veronica into a mysterious and hypnotic dream world, she is kidnapped by the powerful Devan, an alpha male who lives with his tribe of shape shifters. When Andrew awakens, Veronica is missing and nowhere to be found. Awaken to a mind-bending alternate reality in DREAM, the award-winning fantasy, romance and suspense by Robbi Sommers Bryant. With a lush style and exhilarating twists of irony, this fast-paced foray into a parallel universe will enthrall anyone who wants a smart, sexy read that brilliantly blurs the lines between what’s real and what’s all in a dream.

Dream by Robbi Sommers Bryant
The Beautiful Evil by Robbi Sommers Bryant

The Beautiful Evil

Haunted by the death of her father, whom she lost at only five years of age, and ever since then feeling unloved and unappreciated by her secretive and domineering mother, Constance Jacobson has grown up to be an emotionally distraught woman with little sense of self or self-esteem. Rebelling against the husband she believes no longer cares for her and determined to be master of her own destiny, she gets her wish in a frightfully fateful way when she becomes obsessed with a Grecian vase she sees in a curio shop window and decides she must have it at any cost. But once this Pandora’s Box is opened and Constance’s inner demons are set free, her terrible choices lead her into a darkness that may be even worse than insanity.

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  • 2nd place Best of Genre in the LA Book Festival
  • Semi-finalist Kindle Book Review Best of 2013 Contest
  • Winner of The IndiePENdents Seal of Excellence

The Beautiful Evil

  • Bestseller Amazon in Suspense
  • Best Genre Fiction: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association
  • Los Angeles Book Festival Honorary Mention
  • San Francisco Book Festival Honorary Mention
  • Finalist Kindle Book Review Best of 2012
  • Honorary Mention San Francisco Book Festival 2015

The Darkness

• Los Angeles Book Festival Award 2021: Honorable Mention

  • Readers’ Favorites 5-star Review
  • Page Turner Awards–Finalist
  • New York Book Festival– 1st place
  • San Francisco Book Festival–Honorable Mention
  • Paris Book Festival. Honorable Mention in scifi/horror

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