Important Terminology For Writers


The following terms are often used in Plotting and Novel Structure:


A catalyst in the form of a challenge will force the hero to rise up and embrace his strengths in order to emerge victorious. Challenges are never easy, and even if the character believes himself to be capable, it is the author’s job to show that he isn’t—not, at least, until he puts in far more work and effort. Failures and mistakes will make the hero question who he is. To win, he must recommit to the task by acknowledging his weaknesses and overcoming them by shedding flaws and fears, achieving self-growth, gaining more skills, seeking out critical knowledge, or whatever else applies.

Change Arc

This character arc is the most common in storytelling. During the course of the story, the hero undergoes a much-needed internal transformation, which allows him to free himself from the fears, biases, and emotional wounds of his past. Without this baggage clouding his perspective and steering his actions, the hero is able to view his situation with clarity and act from a position of strength—not fear—which leads to achievement and fulfillment.

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