7 Types of Conflict . . .

You know in scary movies when a character does something so irredeemably stupid that you know it will lead to their death? I’m talking about when, in a zombie-post-apocalyptic world, they run screaming into a house and lock the door behind them. They don’t check and make sure that there aren’t any others in there with them—alive or undead. That anxious-sometimes-cringing-angry-frustrated-sad feeling you get is due to one of seven types of conflict that authors build into their narrative.

Conflict is an integral aspect of plot—it’s the building blocks of the entire operation. It doesn’t matter if your story is about your grandma or a futuristic civil war set in space. In simple terms, conflict is the struggle and clash between two opposing forces in a narrative. Learn all the different types of conflict used in storytelling, and you’ll have a story reader can’t put down. See more  . . . 


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