Asking Yourself These 5 Question Can Help You Write Better First Drafts

By Kristen Keifer

Discovering your unique drafting process…

When it comes to writing first drafts, all writers should strive to get the bare bones of a good story out of their head and down onto paper (or onto the computer screen — you catch my drift). But here’s the thing: there is no right way to draft a novel.

Every writer has a unique creative process, and so each of us approaches our work in different ways. The tips, tricks, and techniques that work well for one writer simply aren’t guaranteed to do the same for another, and that’s okay.

To write amazing first drafts, we must work to find the creative process that best fits our schedules, project goals, work ethics, and artistic energies — drafting process included. It’s only when we find the drafting process that works best for each of us that we begin to write first drafts that leave us feeling creatively fulfilled and eager to tackle the next steps in our writing journeys.

But how does one go about finding the drafting process that best fits their creative needs? Admittedly, this does take a bit of time and creative exploration, but have no fear! Asking yourself the following questions can help you find your groove… See More . . . 





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