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by Susan Sewell

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Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite

Haunted by a sinister entity, a law student unable to quench the bloodthirsty demon’s appetite becomes a deadly murderer in the spine-tingling psychological thriller, The Darkness by Robbi Sommers Bryant. Inheriting six million dollars from his grandmother, Edward Olson leaves law school to enjoy his life. But Edward has a dark side and a sinister secret. Edward is a devotee of Seattle lawyer Patrick Derry, a notorious serial killer who was executed twelve years ago. Patterning his life after Derry, Edward copies his crimes. Not only does he emulate the killer, but he also falls in love with Derry’s daughter, Caitlyn. However, every time he is with her, Edward has to fight off the Darkness, which urges him to kill her. There is something about Caitlyn that keeps him fighting off the demands of the evil entity. For one thing, despite his propensity for killing, Caitlyn loved her father unconditionally. If Caitlyn discovers what he does, will she love Edward for who he is? Or will she be repulsed?

The suspenseful thriller The Darkness by Robbi Sommers Bryant is a horrifying tale that gives the reader a terrifying glimpse into the unbalanced depths of a serial killer’s psyche. Starting with an electrifying murder scene, the story culminates in a startling and mind-blowing conclusion. Although Edward’s character is a monster, his history is heartbreaking and explains his sociopathic tendencies. However, Caitlyn’s character is another matter. It is fascinating how she views her past, including her psychopathic father and his proclivities. The riveting plot, unique characters, and terrifying subject matter kept me on the edge of my seat until I put the book down. It is a bone-chilling story with a clever twist that will thrill enthusiasts of psychological thrillers; they will not want to miss this skillfully written and unforgettable novel.


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