It’s our biggest development to date! A hyper-intelligent Character Builder that will transform how you create your story’s cast. Integrated with our powerful description database, this tool helps you to craft deep, fascinating characters in a fraction of the time.

Praise for the Character Builder

It’s been about 10 days since the Character Builder went live and from the hundreds of profiles being created, I think it’s fair to say you guys might just be in love with it. (We can’t blame you…the whole OS team has fallen hard for this tool!)

It is beautiful to see how easy character building is now that we can draw information directly from the thesaurus database. Many of you have reached out to tell us that the Character Builder is helping you understand your characters better and that uncovering their inner struggles is a snap thanks to the Character Arc Blueprint. We’re thrilled!

Building a character from the ground up can be daunting, we know. If you need help, our test character Paul will provide an example of how this tool can be used. Also, our tutorials and terminology pages will assist you with understanding the ins and outs of characterization and character arc.

Ready to see this tool in action? Join Becca on a mini-tour of the Character Builder:

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