How To ‘Break Story’ To Write Something Great!

Break Story – A Definition

By Lucy V. Hay

I love the term ‘break story’ to describe the process of testing a new idea. (It’s borrowed from the building world, where you ‘break ground’ to lay the foundations of a building). Though I learned this in the screenwriting world, I discovered it works with all ideas. Now it does not matter if I am writing a script, novel or short story … I always break story.

Whilst every writer has their own individual process, most do it to check the story ‘stands up’ at concept level … Such as:

… And so on. Sometimes you may hear industry people saying a story ‘has legs’, too. Whatever you want to call it though, basically writers are road-testing their concepts.

The B2W Model To Break Story

Back in the day, I trained as a journalist. I soon found I preferred fiction to fact, but one thing that stuck in my mind were the ‘5 Ws’ … WHO – WHAT – WHERE – WHEN – WHYSee More . . . 


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