How to Determine Your Character’s Story Goal

Don’t make this common character goal mistake!

All too often, writers mistake their character’s ambition with a powerful story goal. You see, a character’s ambition is simply something they desire, something they believe will quell the dissatisfaction they feel in their lives. What it isn’t, however, is a specific and actionable goal that will lead your character into your story’s juicy conflict.

Take a look at how your character is dissatisfied with their life. Are they, for example, bored with their daily routine? Do they crave adventure? If so, your character’s ambition may be to travel the world.

But, as many of us know from firsthand experience, wanting to do something and actually taking the necessary action to do said thing are two completely different beasts. All too often, doubts, fears, insecurities, or regrets hold us back from jumping the hurdle between want and will. (But more on that in a future article!)

Fortunately, taking your character’s ambition and turning it into a powerful story goal is simple. All you need to do is consider what definitive action your character can take to work toward making their ambition their reality.  See More . . . 

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