Overcoming Your Fear: Just Write

Does that title annoy you? If it were only that simple, right?

Some writers become paralyzed by the blank page. They have a plot and subplot lines, characters’ voices, and amazing new worlds swirling in their heads. But when putting pencil to paper (or fingers to keyboard), fear takes over and shuts them down.

For some, it’s that nagging voice inside saying, “You can’t produce anything good enough.” Or, “Everything you write sounds like sh*t.”

For others, it’s a different voice that says, “Wait until the time is right, when the muse hits you.” Or, “I’m not ready yet to get started. Let me do more research.”

Whatever your lovely inner editor is saying to you, you’re procrastinating out of fear. Fear of writing badly. Fear of baring yourself to the world. Fear of failure or looking like a fool. Fear you don’t have what it takes to do the most important thing in your life. See More . . . 


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