Story Structure 101

By Bethany Henry

Why Care About Story Structure?

Story structure is the backbone to keep our stories on track and enable our stories to better resonate with our readers by fulfilling their subconscious expectations.

Having strong story structure can transform a so-so book into a that book readers can’t put down. It can be the difference between needing to rewrite our novel six million times and still not being quite sure whether it makes sense and having a draft that can stand on its own.

Story structure is the framework that makes a novel “work.”

Now that doesn’t mean our stories all need to be the same.

There are certain core elements that are common to great stories, even when those stories are radically different. When you look back at the stories you love, chances are you will find all (or at least most) of these elements in some shape or form.

Rather than limiting our stories, keeping story structure in mind can give us the power to strengthen our stories.

Obviously these pieces will look different for each story, especially as we break things down by genre and audience. Yet at their core these are universal pieces that come together to create something powerful. See More . . . 



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